Digital Editions and Scholarly Projects

These websites are a collection of academic sources on Jane Austen. They encompass digital editions of Austen’s texts, collections of online journals, lists of resources, and guides on to how to teach Austen. While some of these websites are primarily profiles of Austen, others serve as examples of how university classrooms are engaging with Austen and her works. These sources would be helpful in informing classroom interactions with Austen and her works, in particular showing students that Austen’s legacy can extend beyond the classroom.

Annotating Austen

Overview: “Annotating Austen” is an ongoing digital humanities project that aims to create multi-media annotated electronic editions of Jane Austen’s six published novels. 


Creators: San Francisco State University. Prof. Bill Christmas 

Website URL:

Jane Austen Fiction Manuscripts

Overview: “Jane Austen Fiction Manuscripts” gathers around 1100 pages of Jane Austen’s fiction in a virtual location. These texts are not the more famous novels, but are a collection of Austen’s earlier works. The project outlines both the methodology of collecting and digitizing the sources while also describing the editorial process. 

Creators: Art & Humanities Research Council, University of Oxford, King’s College London, British Library, Bodleian Library. Prof. Kathryn Sutherland

Website URL: 


The 18th-Century Common

Overview: “The 18th-Century Common: A Public Humanities Website for Enthusiasts of  18th-Century Studies” has a collection on Jane Austen that highlights scholarship on Austen’s life, times, contemporaries, and critical afterlives written by Austen scholars and experts in the period. 

Creators: Co-editors: Prof. Jessica Richard (Wake Forest University) and Prof. Andrew Burkett (Union College)

Website URL: ttps://

Literary History

Overview: “Literary History” is a collection of academic websites and peer-reviewed journal articles on Austen. There is a mix of literary criticism, introductions to Austen’s history,  and bibliographic materials. Links go directly to journal articles and are available with institutional access.

Creators: Jan Pridmore

Website URL:

Jane Austen

Overview: “Jane Austen” is a collection of resources about Austen. The website includes free online editions of the texts, profiles of tourist sites, and lists of adaptations. 

Creators: Not Available

Website URL:

Jane Austen’s Music

Overview: “Jane Austen’s Music” is a virtual collection of sheet music from the Austen family and also has modern recordings of the music of Austen’s era. There are links to Dooley’s performances, articles about the project, and interviews with Dooley about the process of creating the performances. 

Creators: Gillian Dooley, Flinders University, South Australia

Website URL:

Jane Austen Websites

Overview: “Jane Austen Websites” is a number of websites that engage either with Austen’s work, Jane Austen’s societies, or Austen’s biography. Most of the websites referenced are already on our list, but it is a good record of all of them together. 


Creators: Pamela Jane 

Website URL: