Holiday Annotation Social

In December, Jane Austen’s and Emma‘s birthdays happily coincide with the holidays. This gives us an opportunity to come together as work and life slow down (or perhaps speed up!) to read or re-read Emma, to watch and rewatch the novel’s adaptations, and gather with Austen fans and Janeites from all walks of life to celebrate Austen’s communities. We’ll hope you’ll join us live or at your own pace as we annotate Emma this holiday season!

Annotate with us!

There are some steps to complete in order to annotate, but we’ve tried to make them as easy as possible:

Step 1: Create a free Hypothes.is account

We use Hypothes.is, a platform like Genius that allows you to annotate anything on the web (yes, anything!). If you haven’t heard of Genius before, you can see how it works by looking at how Genius users have annotated the Clueless soundtrack song “Alright” by Supergrass.

Step 2: Join our Annotation Platform

Step 3: Downlowd the Hypothes.is plugin to your Chrome browser

  • Download the Hypothes.is plugin to your Chrome web browser ← This is key or you won’t be able to log on. 

Step 4: Annotate!

Community Values


The Jane Austen Review does not tolerate or endorse hate speech, misinformation, or any language that disrespects human and civil rights. We reserve the right to flag and delete any annotations that use hate speech or otherwise threaten the integrity of the annotation social participants.