A Pouch of Pride and Peppermint Tea by a Christmas tree
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Pride and Peppermint

When I was perusing the closely placed bookshelves at a favorite cozy bookstore, I noticed books that were not books. These faux books were glossy tea tins of the NovelTeas tin collection. I immediately noticed the Pride and Peppermint tin and knew that I had to try it. It was snuggled in between Sencha Sensibility and Don Quixotea: Man of La Manchai. The tea tin, complete with a two-ounce bag of ‘Pride and Peppermint” tea brought puns, tea, and Austen references together. What kind of Austen fan would not love everything about it? 

The NovelTeas tin itself was very fun. Apart from the tea, it also came with a Mr. Darcy bookmark, a bookmark with the brewing instructions on it, and two sticker name tags with a tea-themed rectangle frame. On the back of the tea tin, it states that the tea resists “the smarmy and snobbish with a blend of biting wit and sweet charm that will buck all the minty norms.” I largely agree with this humorously academic sounding statement. The tea definitely goes against the ‘norm’ of peppermint teas that I have tasted by not being aggressively harsh. It consists of peppermint, rooibos, and chamomile. It was very tasty and was not a biting peppermint but softer, more mixed in with the chamomile. The peppermint taste was solid and strong but not in a way that overpowered other flavors no matter how concentrated the brew was. The rooibos provides a bit of an earthy taste, while the peppermint and chamomile come together for a soothing tang-

A Novelteas Tin Pride and Peppermint Tea
To test the strength of the tea, I tried different concentrations when brewing. First, when following the instructions, I found that 3 grams every cup of tea was very well blended but perhaps a bit weak. For the second pot, I did 4 grams for each cup of tea and it was much stronger, so it had more presence. Unlike other peppermint teas I have tasted, it was not very biting so if you want a biting peppermint flavor, I would recommend that you go up to 6 grams for every cup of tea (that’s what I did). I also tried it on ice, which did raise its potency while still remaining fairly mild. The tea has a sweet but subtle peppermint fragrance. As a result, it was very conducive to a comfortable reading atmosphere. I found that it’s unobtrusive flavor actually made it lend itself to my reading—or viewing—pleasure when I was watching Pride and Prejudice (1940). The only way the tea distracted me from the movie was that I found myself brewing a fresh pot each time that I ran out.

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