Locations and Exhibits

These sites showcase the variety of locations and exhibits that celebrate Jane Austen, her works, and her legacy. The sites can be split into two distinct groups: locations/museums and exhibits. Many of the sites were created to celebrate the bicentennial of Austen’s death, and as a result focus on events that were held to celebrate Austen. The museum sites showcase how Austen is commemorated beyond the academic sphere. These sites also provide guidance for creating a Jane Austen themed vacation, many outline travel plans and tours. These sites are helpful in gaining an understanding of Austen’s place as a cultural figure outside of academia.

Pride and Prejudice: A 2oo Year Affair

Overview: “Pride and Prejudice: A 200 Year Affair” is a website detailing a collection displayed by the Goucher College Library to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice. While the exhibit no longer exists, the website does contain an online catalog of the collection and has resources about the images that were displayed. 

Creators: Goucher College Library, Curator of Special Collections and Archives: Tara Olivero

Website URL: https://gouchercollegejaneausten.wordpress.com.

Chawton House

Overview: “Chawton House” serves multiple purposes. This is the Chawton House library, historic house, and gardens website. In addition to providing information on the Library’s collection and ongoing events, it provides many resources for educational outreach, fellowships, and other research related resources. 

Creators: Chawton House Library

Website URL: https://chawtonhouse.org/.

British Library: Jane Austen-author of Pride and Prejudice

Overview: “Jane Austen” is a resource created by the British Library. It provides a profile on Austen and links readers to other articles and sources on Austen. It also highlights British Library collection items that relate to Austen, photos of texts and objects. There are links to related teachers’ notes and articles on Austen’s texts. 

Creators: The British Library

Website URL: https://www.bl.uk/people/jane-austen.

Jane Austen Regency Week

Overview: “Jane Austen Regency Week” is the website for an annual nine-day festival celebrating Austen in Alton and Chawton. The organization bills the event as a celebration of both Austen and the Regency period, incorporating events that encourage attendees to celebrate “their cultural heritage.”

Creators: Jane Austen Regency Week, Marie Kellie (main contact)

Website URL: http://www.janeaustenregencyweek.co.uk/community/jane-austen-regency-week-13273/home.

Jane Austen's House Museum

Overview: “Jane Austen’s House Museum” is credited as “the most treasured Austen site in the world.” It has a digital collection of the physical objects displayed in the museum, allowing access for viewers unable to visit the museum in person.

Creators: Jane Austen’s House Museum

Website URL: https://www.jane-austens-house-museum.org.uk.

Jane Austen and the Jane Austen Centre

Overview: “Jane Austen and the Jane Austen Centre” is the official website of the Jane Austen Centre in Bath. It includes links for the museum, the Regency tea room, gift shop, and events celebrating Austen.

Creators: The Jane Austen Centre

Website URL: https://www.janeausten.co.uk.

A Woman's Wit: Jane Austen's Life and Legacy

Overview: “A Woman’s Wit” is the website for an exhibition on Austen hosted by the Morgan Library in 2009. The online version of the exhibition includes: selected images from the exhibition, a facsimile of Lady Susan, and The Divine Jane (a short documentary film created for the original exhibition).

Creators: The Morgan Library

Website URL: https://www.themorgan.org/exhibitions/a-womans-wit.

What Jane Saw

Overview: “What Jane Saw” is a website with two reconstructed and digitized exhibitions Austen visited in 1796 (Shakespeare Gallery) and 1813 (British Institution). The website gives viewers the opportunity to step back in time and see what Austen would have seen.

Creators: University of Texas at Austin, Professor Janine Barchas

Website URL: http://www.whatjanesaw.org/index.php.

Jane Austen: By a Lady

Overview: “Jane Austen: By a Lady” is a site dedicated to the interactive Jane Austen exhibition held by Monash University from 1 December 2017-29 March 2018. While it doesn’t provide access to the exhibit, it does provide a good overview of what universities are sharing about Austen. 

Creators: Monash University

Website URL: https://www.monash.edu/library/jane-austen.

The Fashions of Jane Austen

Overview: “The Fashions of Jane Austen” is a blogpost written to accompany a bicentennial event held by Ohio State University. It focuses on the history of fashion in the Georgian era, describing three dresses and their historical relevance.

Creators: Marlise Schoeny, Ohio State University

Website URL: http://u.osu.edu/clotheslines/2017/10/24/the-fashions-of-jane-austen/.

Jane Austen by the Sea

Overview: “Jane Austen by the Sea” was an exhibit held in Brighton from 17 June 2017 to 8 January 2018 examining the seaside contexts of Austen’s novels and life. It also included artifacts from fans, and belongings of Austen’s. 

Creators: Royal Pavilion and Museums

Website URL: https://brightonmuseums.org.uk/royalpavilion/history/past-exhibitions/jane-austen-by-the-sea/.