These sites highlight three different organizations who work with Austen’s texts and her legacy. Two of the sites profile Jane Austen societies, one in North America and one in Oxford. While focusing on different aspects of Austen and her cultural footprint, these sites show how groups interact with Austen and share their interests with their greater communities. The third site is a literacy foundation that uses Austen’s texts to support global literacy movements. These sites provide a good introduction to the wide ranging groups that interact with Austen and her works.

Jane Austen Society of North America

Overview: “Jane Austen Society of North America” is a nonprofit organization. Since its creation, the society’s ranks have grown to more than 5,000 members yet its purpose remains the same—fostering the study, appreciation, and understanding of Austen’s works and life. Membership is open to a wide and diverse group of people, and although most members live in North America, JASNA has members from more than a dozen other countries. The Society’s website is staffed by volunteers and in addition to information about Austen’s biography and texts, the website advertises publications, conferences & events, and programs.

Creators: The Jane Austen Society of North America

Website URL:

Jane Austen Project

Overview:  “Jane Austen Project” is a website for Oxford’s Jane Austen group. The group facilitates expeditions, performances, and pays particular attention to the music Austen would have experienced. A bit outdated.

Creators: Frank Underwood

Website URL:

Jane Austen Literacy Foundation

Overview: “The Jane Austen Literacy Foundation” is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. It was created by Caroline Jane Knight (fifth grandniece of Austen) to “harness the global passion for Jane Austen” to support literacy through libraries and literacy programs. The organization supports e-libraries and e-readers. 

Creators: Jane Austen Literacy Foundation

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