Teaching Austen

Jane Austen’s work is a staple of the literature and writing classroom in high school and higher education institutions. Every year, dedicated teachers and teacher-scholars craft and revise their syllabi, lesson plans, and assignments. Some of this invaluable work is shared among colleagues working at the same institution or moving in the same network. But, as often happens with teaching and scholarship, a significant portion of this work remains shelved in our filing cabinets or hard drives, or is published in journals circulated among field-specific experts. This portion of our site has the goal of functioning as a repository of assignments, lesson plans, syllabi, and scholarship of teaching on Jane Austen. Our goal is to showcase a cross section of Austen teachers and teacher-scholars, not limited to higher education institutions or to the traditional classroom. If you would like us to share  your teaching instruments or teaching scholarship or would like to alert us to existing scholarship and resources, please send us an email at thephaetonreview@gmail.com.